"If I don’t get the price I want then I’ll just wait..."

Published on Jul 31, 2018 | by Cameron McKillop

"If I don’t get the price I want then I’ll just wait..."
Selling your home can be quite daunting with so many considerations. For some the main influencing factor to a sale is getting the price they want. After the marketing has commenced, the client database has been contacted there is traditionally a hype of activity. Inspections, contracts issued and offers and acceptance and this all happens at a very rapid pace. The main reason behind this is your property is new to the market and has generated genuine buyer activity, unfortunately for some the desire to wait for the price they want can become an unnecessary hurdle and the longer the property remains on the market the less the activity becomes.  So when considering that  you have time to wait for the price you want consider this the opportunity to get the price is reduced the longer the property is on the market
Cameron McKillop


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